About us


ARIS K. S.A., ever since its establishment (1996), has been following a steady upward path. By choosing reputable and emminent clients and based on reliable and permanent partners, we have managed to carry out important projects. We operate on specific values, clear decisions and target-driven choices that lead us to progress and development, and underline our path towards the future.

We work in the field of Energy Projects. Having completed many important projects, we possess a substantial portion in this market. We have also repeatedly earned awards and bonuses for both the quality and the speed of our construction for eminent Greek and international companies, such as P.P.C. S.A., AREVA HELLAS S.A., ALSTOM HELLAS S.A., METKA S.A., AEGEK S.A., VESTAS A/S AND SUSLON HELLAS S.A.. 

In addition, we work in the field of  construction of Public Projects. With projects all around Greece, from Crete to Evros, ARIS K. S.A. has completed many important Public Projects for local and regional authorities (Municipalities and Prefectures), Greek Ministries (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Agricultural Development, Ministry of Transport, etc.) as well as other prominent Greek Bodies and Organisations.

During the past few years -more specifically since 2000- The last years and specially after 2000,  we have been more involved in Renewable-Energy Projects as an active member in large, international, investment groups, acting as their representation in Northern Greece. As part of one of these investment groups -one in which we own a large share- we are responsible for the development, construction and management of six (6) Wind Farms of a total power of 250 MW in the prefectures of Serres and Drama, and two (2) Solar Farms of a total power of 4.65 MW in the area of N. Zichni of Serres.

We have founded 3 daughter companies:

  1. ARTEMIS K. Ltd., based in Thessaloniki, Greece, operates in the field of construction of Public and Private Projects in Northern Greece.
  2. ENARETOS D.O.O., based in Belgrade, Serbia, operates in the fields of construction and renewable-energy sources.
  3. ENARETOS ENERGY DEVELOPMENT Ltd, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, operates in the field of development, construction and management of Wind and Solar Farms in the country.


  • Using modern construction means,
  • Implementing contemporary and innovative construction methods,
  • Complying to Greek and International Standards and Specifications,
  • Abiding to the Health and Safety rules, and
  • Having a high environmental conscience

Our Mission is to satisfy the requirements and thoroughly meet the expectations of our Clients


Having a developed sense of our corporate social responsibility, our Vision is to add value:

  • To our clients and the ultimate users of our projects,
  • To our partners, and
  • To our staff, executives and shareholders

Areas of Expertise

Energy Projects:

  • P.P.C. substations – Civil Engineering works
  • Wind farms – Civil Engineering works
  • Solar farms – Civil Engineering works

Building Projects:

  • New buildings: Civil Engineering and Electromechanical works
  • Renovations of old buildings – Civil Engineering and Electromechanical works

Infrastructure Projects:

  • Reconstructions and landscaping – Civil Engineering and Electromechanical works
  • Water supply and sewerage projects
  • Road projects